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Oil prices have risen for the fourth consecutive week.

Mohammad Javad Darestani July 8, 2024

Despite the drop in oil prices on Friday, Oil is now at the highest level since April with Brent crude adding some 9% over the past four weeks.

The price of oil has risen for the second consecutive week.

Mohammad Javad Darestani June 23, 2024

Oil prices fell slightly on Friday but were on track for a second consecutive weekly

Oil prices fell for the third week in a row.

Mohammad Javad Darestani June 10, 2024

Oil prices edged down on Friday and posted a third straight weekly loss.

Growth in crude oil prices for the first time in three weeks.

Mohammad Javad Darestani May 18, 2024

Crude oil prices climbed on Friday, poised for a weekly gain—the first in three weeks—driven by signs of robust demand from economic reports in key markets, improving global demand, and slowing inflation in the United States, the world’s top oil consumer.

The oil prices rose after a two-week decline.

Mohammad Javad Darestani April 28, 2024

Oil prices boosted due to geopolitical tensions and supply concerns. This is the first positive week in the past three.

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