We have been producing bitumen

for over 10 years.

Our Story

Utilizing the world’s modem technologies, Shimi Tejarat Naghsh-e Jahan Co. was established in 2011, by private sector, has continued its productions since then, and it is progressing towards its eminent growth by producing different types of bitumen with the required specifications by the customers. This company owes its rapid growth in its productions and services to over two decades of exporting, packaging bitumen and the relevant products. and attendance of its managers in international domains, who have provided the basis for establishing and rapid development of Shimi Tejarat Naghsh-e Jahan Co., through their experiences, knowledge and production ideas as well as their presence in this field of work Now, for promoting team-work culture and quite valuable optimum use of general wisdom and intellectual capitals of the company, it has been tried to use the valuable experiences of all the colleagues and managers in different departments of the company.

More About Us

Shimi Tejarat Naghsh-e Jahan Co. has started its activities as an economic enterprise for production, packing and exporting bitumen and its dependent products, focusing on Iran’s sustainable development, with regards to its role in industry and creating stable employment and initiative entrepreneurship. Integrity, team-work and interspecialized inclinations, as the conceptual intentions that could guarantee the growth and development of the company, are among the deepest beliefs of the company directors, and they will try their utmost efforts in verification of their aim and removing the hindrances.

Strategy & Moral Responsibilities

Achievements & Certificates

All the products of this company have standard certificates from Iran Standards and Industrial Research Organization, and. and the quality of the products are continuously controlled by the representatives of that organization. Moreover, the company laboratory is introduced as one of the cooperating laboratories of Standards and Industrial Research Organization.

Our Team

Saeid Memarian


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Roya Motayeri

Sales Director

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